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Hello! Cocktail Bombers

Get ready for some fun drinks cocktail bombers! We are your solution for fun and delicious cocktail mixers. No need to buy cocktail ingredients and no need for a bartender! All of our products are handmade in Canada with natural ingredients*. None of our products contain alcohol making them great for mocktails. Please enjoy responsibly!

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This Holiday variety pack will bring joy and cheer! Containing a variety of 6 holiday-inspired cocktails- this is an ABSOLUTE must for your Christmas party. Share the love of cocktail bombs this Christmas season, or gift those you love the most with the hottest gift this season. Contains: Santa’s Secret, Pomegranate Cranberry, Frosted Cranberry, Blue Snowflake ( with glitter ), Lime Grinch ( with glitter ), Minty Snowball ( with glitter )

Special Collection Variety Pack

Our 6-pack contains Mimosa, Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Peach Bellini and Raspberry Orange Cocktail Bombs.


The frosted cranberry cocktail bomb is sweet and refreshing. The sweetness of the cranberry will pair perfectly with your favorite vodka. Frosted cranberry bombs are the perfect way to enjoy Christmas cocktails this season.

Cocktail Bomb Recipes

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Eco Friendly Packaging

In 2021, I believe all businesses should be eco-friendly. Only 9% of the plastic we put in the recycling actually gets recycled which is why I wanted to create a minimalist plastic free packaging. The entire box is recyclable and the shrink wrap on the bombs is biodegradable. I believe everyone should do their part in fighting climate change and it starts off with businesses making eco-conscious choices when selling their products. In addition, purchasing cocktail bombs is an alternative to buying plastic juice containers which create lots of waste and end up in landfills and our oceans most of the time. 

-Founder Kiana G.


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