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FAQ for the Cocktail Bomb Shop Ambassador Program

What is the Cocktail Bomb Shop Ambassador Program?
The Cocktail Bomb Shop Ambassador Program allows qualified content creators to monetize their TikTok and Instagram accounts.

In which countries is the ambassador program available?
The ambassador program is available worldwide. This means you can apply no matter where you live.

How does the program work?
1. Create your Ambassador account.
2. Receive a unique promo code and ambassador link.
3. Share them with your followers.
4. Earn a 10% commission on every sale made through your promo code or link.

What are the benefits of the program?
- Generous 10% commission on sales.
- Promotion of your content on our social media.
- Exclusive rewards for our top-performing ambassadors.
- Free products for your content and promotions.
- Special benefits and events as an ambassador.

How to receive your PR pack?
To ensure a successful partnership and maintain the integrity of our program, we have a few eligibility criteria before sending your PR pack. Here are the conditions to be eligible:

- A minimum of 1,000 followers.
- An engagement rate of at least 10% (Likes vs. Views).
- Content that resonates with the aesthetic and values of our brand.
- A demographic audience that matches our target market.
- A commitment not to promote competing brands.
- Adherence to all relevant advertising standards and regulations.

Once we have received your social media links and confirmed your eligibility, we will review your profiles. If everything is in order, we will proceed with the next steps to send you our PR pack.

How to get started?
1. Create your Ambassador account.
2. Receive free products to use for your content.
3. Add your promo code and ambassador link in your bios and content.
4. Create inspiring content to promote Cocktail Bomb Shop.
5. Contact us for content ideas and more inspiration.

Are there any payment threshold parameters?
Your account must accumulate at least $50 in earnings before each payment is eligible to be initiated.

When will I be paid?
Payments are made 15 days after the end of the month in which the revenue was earned. For example, if you earn at least $50 on April 5, the payment will be initiated 15 days after April 30, which is May 15. After the payment is initiated, it may take several days for the payments to be settled into your bank account, depending on the payment method.


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